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Our Mission: 

Under the guidance of the Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance, The Waterfront Farmers Market strives to provide access for all citizens to fresh, local, sustainable food and food products in an atmosphere that promotes community and economic vitality while supporting our region’s farmers and producers.

The Waterfront Farmers Market, located in downtown Gig Harbor, provides our community with fresh, locally grown farm products and specialty foods.  At the same time, we are providing our local area growers with a community-supported venue for their crops and products.

Give back to your community. Buy fresh and local.

By bringing people together at our Farmers Market, we hope to promote a relationship between local growers and our community while serving as a resource for healthy eating, wellness education, sustainability and helping to focus on local business development.

The Gig Harbor Waterfront Farmers Market is brought to you by the Downtown Waterfront Alliance.

The Alliance is responsible for planning, marketing,

and operation of the Market.

For information, contact Heidi Gerling

Market Manager.